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Tech teacher wins big in Bartonville


One Class at a Time, Monroe Grade School


Bartonville, Ill. (HOI) –

The job market is ever changing. Our society is now relying on technology more than ever. That’s why one Bartonville teacher stresses the importance of technology in his curriculum. It makes him our latest One Class at a Time $1,000 grant winner.

“We’re a school, we have to get kids ready for the job of the future. So we have to look at this coding at start teaching it at even a younger age”, said Ryan Linsley.

That’s the motto for Ryan Linsley’s classroom. He teaches 5th and 6th grade math and technology at Monroe Grade School in Bartonville.

“And the idea behind a lot of the coding, is really that is solves problems. No matter what skill, what you do in life, you’re going to have problems you’re going to have to solve”, said Linsley.

The concept comes from a convention Linsley attended. He quickly implemented what he learned, and students responded.

“He teaches it a different way than what the book really teaches it”, said Ella Karmenzind. Karmenzind is a 5th grade student of Linsley’s.

“They like the challenge of it. It’s a challenge, it’s on a computer, so that gets instant buy-in”, said Linsley.

That’s what makes him our One Class winner. He was nominated by someone very close to his heart.

“Sounds like something my wife would do”, said Linsley.

Katlyn Linsley wrote to us saying her husband, Ryan, is passionate about his lessons. 

He plans to use the money on Sphero’s, little robots the students can code to do things. His goal is to have a full set for the class. It’s a project the kids are already excited about.






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