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Co-teachers win big in Bloomington


Bloomington Ill. (HOI) –

Combining academics, music and exercise is just one goal for co-teachers in Bloomington. Knowing their students feel loved, is another.

Melissa Thompson joined Cedar Ridge Elementary at the beginning of this school year. She joined forces with veteran physical education teacher, Amanda Hansen.

It didn’t take long for the pair to align ideas and create a goal… to get money for a new program.

“It’s been wonderful just to collaborate with somebody about ideas. It just expands what you can do with the kids… having that extra set of hands and thoughts with the kids”, said Thompson.

By October they knew they wanted to implement drums alive… a program that incorporates aerobic movement with the beating of drums.

“The information behind it… it reduces anxiety, there’s so many good things for it. You can incorporate other academics like math and things like that”, said Hansen.

The price tag of this unique plan didn’t fit the budget, so Thompson took it into her own hands and contacted Heart of Illinois ABC.

Now winning the One Class at a Time $1,000 grant, they will have enough money to cover the whole investment.

“It’s nice, you don’t get every opportunity or every day to surprise someone that you work with on a daily basis”, said Thompson.

For Hansen, it was the perfect surprise.

“I’m humbled… I’m surprised. It’s fantastic I never thought she would do this”, said Hansen.

While this program has been on their wish list for awhile… both teachers agreed their biggest goal for students is know they feel loved and cared for.





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