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Musical PE themed class grabs attention of parents, grandparents


Washington, Ill. (HOI) –

Musical PE… that’s the theme at John L. Hensey school in Washington. The man behind the performance is getting praise from parents and grandparents.

This music class might look a little different from what you and I remember in elementary school. With no traditional seating… the set-up may look a little ‘funky’. While the main element is the tunes, the movement also plays a large role.

“Getting students really active and moving on the stage and implementing music with acting and really exercising their creativity that way”, said Isaac Funk, the music teacher at John L. Hensey.

That’s the design for the curriculum in Isaac Funk’s music class as he prepares his students for seasonal performances.

“They are programs that feature music from around the world where kids learn folk dances and folk music from different areas”, said Funk.

It’s this teaching method that has grabbed the attention of student’s families. Funk was nominated for our One Class at a Time $1,000 grant by a student’s grandparent, but administrators notice too.

Principal Josh Zaiser says he comes to this classroom on his bad days for the energy and the kids.

“They are hardly ever just sitting down in the classroom. They’re constantly on the move and he always makes it part of the musical program he’s putting on”, said Zaiser.

“Kids need to move. They learn much better when they are having fun”, said Funk.

Funk says he only has enough ukuleles for half the class, and with the new grant money he’ll be able to get one in each student’s hands.


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