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Teacher in Normal wins big for focus on communication in a digital world


Normal, Ill. (HOI) – 

Teaching kids communication skills in our digital world is a tough task many teachers face. But it’s a challenge our latest One Class at a Time $1,000 grant winner is tackling head on by adding enthusiasm and variety to her syllabus.

It’s all because Alyssa Jones knows communication goes beyond writing a paper.

“They will have to communicate in a digital world. That is where we are at. They have to learn how to effectively communicate whether that’s through oral communication, the written word. So I want them to establish those skills”, said Jones.

A large focus of Jones’ class is making writing fun and different, so she applied for our grant to add teaching techs.

“Part of it is we have mentor techs that act as our teaching techs to teach specific forms of writing… informative, narrative and argument”, said Jones.

This idea doesn’t really surprise principal Shelly Erickson either, because she describes Jones as extremely passionate.

“Boring lessons?  Doesn’t happen with her. And I don’t care what you teach, kids respond to high energy and to passion. Even if they don’t like writing, they can see that you love writing… and so they’re are going to respond to that”, said Erickson.

Erickson adds that she agrees with the workshops because there is no job that doesn’t require writing!

Jones says her goal for her students at the end of the year is to be comfortable and confident in writing.


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