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Bloomington teacher wins double with student nominations


Normal, Ill. (HOI) – Teachers touch the lives of many, and receive many thank yous. However, one student in Bloomington took that gratitude to a new level by nominating his teacher for two grant contests… including our One Class at a Time grant.

When Heart of Illinois ABC showed up to Fox Creek Elementary, it was clear the second grant surprise was just as much of a shock as the first.

Evan Hull saw our One Class commercial on TV and knew exactly who deserved it… his second grade teacher, Alicia Birky.

Jenise Rebholz asked Hull what he wanted to thank Birky for, “for being a very nice and sweet teacher”, he said.

So his Hull’s mother sent in an application, writing that Mrs. Birky leads a very interactive classroom. 

It’s a gesture that visibly moves Birky, fighting the tears.

“It’s hard for me not to get choked up putting it into words…but that’s why I do what I do. So for a student to initiate that conversation with his parents, it’s an encouraging testament to what I’m doing and why I’m doing it”, said Birky.

But coming from Evan, it all makes sense to her.

“Whatever this kid is saying to make me seem like a shining star is working but I tell you what, he is the shining star. He has got a heart of gold. He’s got a heart of gold”, said Birky.

The two get along great, despite their different tastes in food! Evan loves sharing his spicy snacks with Mrs. Birky, even when she’s reluctant.

Now as the school year comes to an end, Birky says her goal for students each year remains the same.

“I just want these kids to always know they can do great things. They can do hard things, they can do easy things. They can do fun things… They can do it all”, said Birky.





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