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One Class at a Time: Farmington Elementary School

Two third grade teachers in Farmington are making sure their students get their jitters out.

Our own Jessica Cook introduces us to our latest One Class at a Time grant winners who are all about flexible sitting.

For many of us, there was one place to sit when we were in a classroom….a chair.

That’s not the case here in Sara Hanlin and Elaine Fisher’s third grade class at Farmington Elementary. These co-teachers brought flexible seating into their classroom last year, thanks to a local insurance company.

“We’ve kind of been gathering things that were free and donated by other people and slowly started a collection” said Hanlin.

Students can choose from a variety of options, including crates with pads, stools and a regular chair.

“The kids who have sensory issues or just need movement they have an option…all of them are fidgety so at some time they need time to move around…If they want to sit on the floor they sit on the floor, they want a chair they get a chair, but I want them to have a choice,” said Fisher.

And these 44 students know not to take this flexible seating for granted. They even had to sign a contract at the beginning of the school year.

This classroom environment moved Jacob Hardesty’s mom to nominate Mrs. Hanlin and Ms. Fisher for our One Class at a Time Grant.

“He’s such a sweet little guy and we are so floored. He’s very shy so I would’ve never expected it so we’re super thankful and his mom is a teacher so I know she knows exactly what it’s like when you’re trying to get new things in your classroom and you don’t always have the extra money to do that,” said Hanlin.

“They’re both funny,” said Jacob Hardesty, a third grader at Farmington Elementary.

What makes them so funny?

“They try to mess around because Ms. Fisher likes the Cardinals and Ms. Hanlin likes the Cubs,” said Hanlin.



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