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Bloomington Normal Boys & Girls Club Volunteer Charged with Rape

On Saturday, the McLean County prosecutor’s office charged former Boys and Girls Club of Bloomington Normal volunteer Julius Scott with criminal sexual assault of a minor. Scott faces charges of criminal sexual assault and aggravated criminal sexual abuse. 

The 16-year-old alleged victim says that on November 16th, Scott followed her and a friend to Sunnyside park in Bloomington after a club function. After her friend left, she says Scott raped her.

“This should have never happened, we have strict guidelines that any volunteers outside of the boys and girls club should be in an area that are unsupervised,” says club CEO Tony Morstatter. 

Scott volunteered for the organization as part of court required community service… And even though he was charged in 2016 with domestic abuse, the Boys and Girls club CEO says he passed their background check. 

“I am heartbroken that it happened. And i assure the families that the children are our number one responsibility.”

Morstatter called it an isolated incident and says he hopes to keep the trust of local families. He says they are now trying to help in anyway possible. 

“We’re still very supportive of the family, we want the best for the family.”

The club is still unsure about how they will change their hiring procedures but said safety is their number one priority. 

Each club is run individually. The clubs in Peoria and Tazewell counties do not use volunteers for their youth programs. 

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