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Dunlap Valley Junior High Student Reach for the Stars


In front of a huge group of cheering 8th grade students from Dunlap Valley Junior High, a shocked Mrs. James accepts her one thousand dollar check.

It’s a surprise made possible by two of her students who nominated her for our ‘One Class At A Time’ grant.

The science teacher had more students this year than she expected and didn’t have enough supplies to go around for their NASA project.

Every year, Mrs. James put together a hands on project for her students using the ‘NASA Best Program’, giving her students the chance to experience what it’s like to live and work on the moon.

For her students the opportunity to get hands-on experiences in the classroom gives them a glimpse of what they could one day achieve in their careers, all while learning to work as a team.

The patience Mrs. James has with her students, makes them feel safe to try new things in her class.




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