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Trish Christakes – Sports Director

Hometown: Cary, Illinois! A small suburb outside of Chicago.
Go-to activity outside of work: I'm a huge animal person so going to shelters is one of my favorite things to do. I also love going to yoga and keeping up with dance/ballet!
Favorite song: My favorite song changes it's Slow Dancing In a Burning Room by John Mayer -- but the Live in L.A. version.
Favorite TV Show: Friends, That 70's Show and Friday Night Lights.
Favorite book: Harry Potter, duh!
Favorite childhood toy: Fake cash register. My sister and I had mini fabric store in our basement haha it was so fun.
Favorite food: I love hummus & anything my Grandpa makes.
What's an inspirational quote that keeps you going? 1 year = 365 opportunities.
Your 'hello' message to the Heart of Illinois: I'm so excited to be your Sports Director! I can't wait to tell amazing stories for you all and give you the BEST coverage. There is nothing that brings people together more than love for the game and I'm honored to share that passion with all our die hard viewers!
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