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From the Heart: Adalie’s Fight To Defy The Odds

“We can’t find your baby’s legs.”

Those are the words Kassi and Brian Guth heard from their doctor while pregnant with Adalie – their first and only child.

Adalie was diagnosed with a rare condition called congenital anomalies, which caused her to be born with one missing leg, no pelvis, and dysfunctional intestines.

The Guth’s worried that their baby girl would never be able to have a normal life.

But little did they know that little Adalie would come bursting into this world, and nothing would stand in her way.

She’s now learning to walk with a prosthetic leg that she’s even given a name – Lucy.

Both Adalie and “Lucy” are defying the odds, one step at a time.

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Mike Miletich

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