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Laying down the clippers; Joe’s Barbershop is closing

Here’s a little ditty about Cindy an Diane.

Two loving sisters working as hard as they can.

Now they’re ready for retirement after working at their dad’s barbershop for decades.

In January of 1963, Joe Baumgardner opened up a barber shop on the porch of his West Peoria home.

A few years after his son joined in, followed by two of his daughters.

Cindy and Diane.

“I’m sure my dad at the time thought, oh yeah they’re just telling me they’re gonna come in and they won’t do it. But we stuck it out,” said Diane Craps.

Even after Joe bowed out customers stayed loyal to Joe’s Barbershop.

“We knew a lot of my dad’s customers. After we were here for a while, most of them kind of gravitated towards us so my dad could go and play golf,” said Craps.

It’s been 56-years since Joe hung the “open” sign.

Now the sisters are hanging up their capes and laying down their clippers.

That means the shop and the family home is on the market.

“It’s hard. It’s very hard for her. We’re also going to have to give up the family home and that’s what’s so hard about it,” said Craps.

Both Cindy and Diane feel their dad would be proud.

“We still feel close to him. We know he’s here and helping,” added Craps.

Their last day will be on the exact date Joe started this legacy, January 19.

Alex Menke

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