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Peoria Dream Center youth serve early Thanksgiving dinner

Hundreds lined up to get a plate of turkey at the dream center Wednesday night, from volunteers for the center to the homeless.

But what makes this special, are the people serving up the food with a smile.

“The students a couple of years ago said we want to do something a bit different. Instead of receiving a meal they wanted to give it and so we just guided them and said okay who do you want to give it to? They said what about the homeless folk that we see,” Dream Center Peoria Executive Director Andy King said.

The kids began preparing for the meal at 8 a.m. and for them spending their break from school helping others is a gift.

“I love making other people smile and happy because I get to go home and eat as much food as i want but the next person might not be able to have that family connection. So just to even have a small intimate get together with my peers and family members or strangers, making new friends and connections is a blessing to me and others,” student volunteer Shenise Bramley said.

There was enough food for 250 people, all to be served by the brains behind the event: the kids.

“This generation sometimes gets a bad rap for being a self-centered generation. we are seeing students that are wanting to give back, students that may not have the best of worlds but are now wanting to give back to people that are struggling,” King said.

The center expects even more people will come out to break bread with them next year.

Stephanie Rodriguez

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