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The unofficial holiday – Black Out Wednesday

Whether you call it Thanksgiving Eve, Whiskey Wednesday, or Drinksgiving, the night before Thanksgiving is what police often refer to as black-out Wednesday; and Peoria Police want to make sure you stay safe.

Thanksgiving day is often full of indulging on lots of delicious food, but on Wednesday night, as Peoria Police spokesperson Amy Dotson said, many are indulging on other things.

“We know the Wednesday before thanksgiving is typically a large drinking holiday, arguably one of the biggest of the year.”

Black out Wednesday, as police label it, calls for more cops on the street and on the roads.

“What you’re going to see from the Peoria police department is increased patrols cuz what we wanna do is keep the roads safe. We want you to get where you’re going safe and sound.”

Combined with heavy holiday traffic, Dotson said police are looking for these key things.

” Look for impaired drivers, whether it be alcohol impaired, drug impaired as well as seat belt enforcement’s, cell phone enforcement.”

She said driving under the influence can always be avoided.

“DUI crashes are 100 percent preventable and by that I mean if you don’t drink and drive there won’t be a drink and drive or a DUI crash.”

Local bar owner Pat Sullivan said his business adds incentives for designated drivers to encourage safe behavior.

“If you’re the driver you get a free sodie, coffee, water, whatever you need.”

Making the right choices to have the best holiday possible.

“We want you to have a good time but we want you to be safe.”

Kaitlin Pearson

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