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New changes coming to Susan G. Komen affiliate

The birthplace of Susan G. Komen is changing up their biggest fundraiser with a new name and approach.

Komen officials announced the next evolution in the history of their best-known fundraiser Race for the Cure. The event will now be called More Than Pink Walk based on feedback from participants.

“Pink is never going to go away. Pink is the signature color and it has been, but when we moved to the bold goal we talked about being more than pink and more than pink means we have to take action,” said Mission Director Gayle Young.

Komen officials want to create a new feeling, a new experience and a deeper sense of community.

“And one of those bold changes is coming this year with a race for vitalization,” said PR & Marketing Director, Katie Parker.

The event will no longer have a running component.

“And by being able to focus on the walk portion of the event, that is going to allow people more time to truly learn and engage in the activities we are providing on event day,” stated Parker.

For example, they want to educate and give participants a closer look at how their efforts are impacting breast cancer research.

“They are going to be able to learn and see how the funds they have raised our helping our community and how they are helping national research,” said Parker.

“You will go away knowing where the dollars go,” added Young.

The changes hope to increase people’s connection to Komen’s mission beyond breast cancer awareness.

The Komen affiliate is one of 26 locations participating in more than pink walks.

“We have seen in the pilot programs with the More Than Pink Walk, that there has been a significant lift in the fundraising efforts,” said Parker.

You will see some new colors at the walk, but like the mission director said, pink will always be their signature color. The walk will still take place on Mother’s Day weekend.

Susan G. Komen is buried right here in Peoria.


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