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Park District development, no cost to the taxpayer

An area along North Knoxville Ave. in Peoria is going to be renovated.

7 acres of park district property could potentially home shopping, office space, a winery and a coffee shop as early as the end of next year.

The new space would replace the old I-Dot building.

The Kim Group has worked out an agreement with the park district to lease the space known as Donovan Crossing, with plans to sign on the dotted line next month.

“It was an important opportunity for us to get that back on the property tax rolls, have it be something that supports our communities with some new amenities and at the same time supports Donovan Park by getting more people in that location,” said the Executive Director of Peoria Park District, Emily Cahill.

The park district said the goal is to help cover the $150,000 price tag to maintain Donovan Park..


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