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One Class at a Time: Hickory Grove Elementary School 12/5/18

Her smile lights up the classroom and helps to inspire her students at Hickory Grove Elementary School.

This week’s One Class at a Time grant winner has dedicated her life to serving special needs students… And says this is her life’s purpose.

This week’s “one class at a time winner”, Mrs. Pabon, is proof that the best teachers bring passion with them into the classroom.

As a special needs teacher at hickory grove elementary school, she says that very early on she knew special education was her calling.

“I just wanted to reach those kids that are kind of the outliers, the ones that are different than everyone else and the ones that need that extra special care,” said Pabon.

And she believes that care requires thinking outside the box and finding creative ways of teaching information.

“Rather than sitting and doing lessons over a table with worksheets and pencils, we get down on the floor and we play with cards and talk about letters that way,” said Pabon.

This technique has made her a favorite among staff, parents and the students.

“She knows what their individual needs are and is able to help facilitate their learning to best help them reach their next steps,” said vice principal Michaela Rychener.

Mrs. Pabon’s desire has always been to make special needs students feel equally as valuable to build confidence for their futures.

“Their future might look different. It may be brighter than everyone else’s that there’s so much potential

There’s hope for every child,” she said.

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