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One Class at a Time: R.A. Jamieson School

Mrs. Predmore’s class is dedicated to making sure students learn the importance of water safety. Here’s more.

When Kim Predmore was hired to teach at R.A. Jaimeson School, she said she was immediately drawn to the swim program

“I just knew that was my job. I love working with these kids. I love doing what I love to do which is being in the water. I like to teach people,” said Predmore.  “So this is like the perfect job for me…”

For students in Mrs. Predmore’s class, the time in the pool provides physical activity, lessons in water safety, as well as other benefits.

“It helps their self confidence. It helps their motivation. It boosts their ego,” said Predmore. “It just makes them very proud of themselves.”

She says that it’s crucial that people learn how to swim from a young age.

“You should know how to get to the side or get to the end of a swimming pool or get to the end of a swimming pool so that in case you do fall in some body of water,” she said.

And she says those experiences help her students realize their capabilities both in and outside of the pool…

“She made me feel more confident about myself. Got me to talk to people more often. She really doesn’t know how much she impacts my life,” said Isaiah Holliagan.

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