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One Class at a Time: St. Thomas the Apostle School

Every child learns differently.

And this week’s One Class at a Time grant winner understands that.

I visited Mrs. Kathy Herr’s third grade class at Saint Thomas the Apostle School to see how she is broadening her teaching style.

” I can tell when I’m just teaching and I don’t incorporate the technology, I end up losing them. Because they’re so stimulated by technology,” she said.

With screen time growing  every day, the way that children learn and process information is changing.

“They either have their parents or their own cellphones. They have ChromeBooks. They have iPads, some of them have computers. So we try to incorporate it as much as we can,” she said.

And she wants to do that by including a “listening center” into her classroom. It will consist of several audio-books where students can listen and read at the same time.

But because of costs, she hasn’t been able to make it happen.

“I’ve had it in the past but I don’t have it in my classroom now,” she said. “They can follow along instead of them having to read the story so for my children who are auditory learners, that really helps”

And with this $1000 One Class at a Time grant, she hopes the listening center will become a reality.

After 25 years in teaching, she says no matter what teaching methods she uses, her priority is her relationships with her students.

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