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Peoria residents dissatisfied with lack of snow plowing

Some residents have been frustrated this week with snow piling up in their neighborhoods.
Some even questioning whether street crews have plowed at all.
Since last weekend, several hundred complaint calls have been pouring into Peoria Public Works. In downtown Peoria, we caught up with some irritated folks too.
“It’s frustrating because they knew that the storm was coming,” said Peoria resident, Jessica Dull.
Sie Maroon with Peoria Public Works said they have been plowing and street crews have already been preparing for the next storm ahead.
Street crews clear main streets first and then hit residential areas.
Some complaints include residents saying things like “Your street crews aren’t moving fast enough. You plowed my driveway in. You didn’t plow close enough to the curb. You should plow right in the middle of the street.”
“It would impact them in a worse way if we did what they asked us to do. I am always willing to explain that to them, but they just don’t necessarily care for the answer,” stated Maroon.
Maroon said street crews plow curb to curb, moving the snow off the streets so people can travel.
While this is their main responsibility, some neighbors said they are not satisfied.
“I have not seen a plow in our neighborhood at all,” said Dull.
Maroon said, again, they are plowing, but the snow expands because of the heat from cars driving down the road.
“Most people think they are always the last house to get plowed,” said Maroon.
Street crews said they change their rotations to make sure every neighborhood is treated fairly.
“They are going to have to exercise their patience even longer now because we have another storm coming,” added Maroon.


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