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Government shutdown could potentially stretch into another month

There are 435 members in the U.S. House of Representatives and
it takes a majority or 218 of them to agree to reopen the government.

Without approval from the president and support from the senate, we could very well go into a second month of the government being shut down.

Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos said enough is enough and claimed the president’s demands for a 5 billion dollar border wall should never come at the expense of Illinois families.

“It’s not the way anybody expects Washington to work,” said Bustos.

Bustos republican counterpart, Congressman Darin Lahood said it doesn’t have to. “It’s unfortunate that we’re in the shutdown but it could be ended tomorrow,” he said.

Both agree on one thing: the shut down needs to end so the government can get back to governing.

According to Bustos, “Focusing on things like bringing down the cost of health care, pass a robust infrastructure package to rebuild our country.”

In the meantime, Bustos reminds politicians on both sides of the aisle what daily life looks like for those suffering because of their decisions.

“There’s another TSA agent who’s living with her mother. She’s in her fifties. She has a child with cancer,” said Bustos.

Which is why Lahood said the wall needs to be funded immediately. Bustos agreed national security is priority but sees it being achieved differently

There are not experts in national security that say a $5.7 billion wall is the answer. We’ve gotta look at technology[and] ports of entry,” said Bustos.

While Bustos said she’s hopeful they can come up with an alternative security measure, Lahood remains adamant that the president’s demands for billions for the wall are not too much to ask.

In fact, Bustos said they have a 4-point border security plan they will present on Monday.


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