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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Tree limbs on cable lines raise concern in a Peoria County neighborhood

3/6/19 10:12 a.m. UPDATE: Hild said Comcast workers removed the tree limbs Tuesday, March 5th.

According to the 2010 census, Medina Township in Peoria County consists of about 12,500 people.

One of those residents is Rob Hild.

He’s lived in the 10,000 block of North Garden Lane for 10 years.

“Power went out so we just sat there and waited to see what will happen,” said Hild, who is concerned about neighborhood safety.

That was Sunday, February 24th.

Wind gusts peaked at near 55 mph in Peoria County, causing tree limbs to fall on power and cable lines outside Hild’s house.

Ameren workers came out to get everything up and running again, but only removed fallen limbs on the power lines on top.

Hild added, “That’s where I noticed the tree limbs still hanging on the cables that were below the power lines and they said they wouldn’t be removing them. That’s not their property, they can’t touch those cables.”

Cables that are right next to the street.

“My grandkids live across the street and they play outside. It’s a danger to them or anybody. You don’t know when the remaining branches could fall and hurt somebody.”

Hild says he isn’t sure if anything has fallen off since that Sunday, but he’s been calling Comcast to inform them about the situation.

“They assured me that they were concerned about what was going on and for me to stay by my phone because a technician would come out.”

He was told someone would come out March 1st.

Four days after that conversation, Heart of Illinois ABC visited Hild’s home and he hadn’t heard from the company.

He called the township too, but he adds no one knew how to help him.

“I believe there’s an urgency to get this rectified, but nobody can point me in the right direction to get this done.”

Hild adds this is a dangerous situation and he feels if the line broke, a Comcast worker would have been on his property right away.

“I still have service with my cable so they’re not overly concerned about it obviously.”

So why did he decide to reach out to Troubleshooters?

“Hoping that you guys might be able to expose them a little bit and light a fire underneath them so to speak to get it done. Sometimes it takes a little bit of exposure for a little bit of bad customer service for things to happen.”

On Thursday, February 28th a Comcast worker came to Hild’s property to survey the issue, but it’s unclear what will happen next.

Heart of Illinois ABC reached out to Comcast too.

We were told there is a technician assigned for the job, but it could take 10-15 days to be completed.

A follow-up ticket was submitted to the dispatch team for the job to be completed as soon as possible.

Jessica Cook

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