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One Class at a Time: Ms Clayton


Caitlyn Clayton encourages cooperation in her classroom. Her infectious personality sets her apart. — so much that she was nominated by 12 people for the One Class at a Time grant! Her student, Ella Smith, says she looks forward to class each day.

“She always has this bubbly personality and its amazing. She laughs all the time and she’s a great teacher.” Smith said.

Clayton’s emphasis on teamwork, however, requires more flexibility than her current setup allows. So, she’s planning on using her one-thousand dollars to purchase more flexible seating. She says the ability to move around the classroom each day is crucial to students’ creativity and success.

“I am interested in collaborative learning and providing opportunities for my students to work together. And so I would like to get some tables and chairs that allow for movement in the classroom. right now the desks just keep us stuck.” Clayton said.

It’s not just Mrs. Clayton who sees the need. Her students also think flexible seating could make a big difference. Sam Gronewald is one of those students who says the desks are limiting.

“Instead of just going and sitting down in the same seat everyday, they can go and move around the classroom and sit with whoever they please and work with more people.” He said.

Ms Clayton says she want’s to have a lasting impression on her students.

“I’d like them to remember that I expect a lot out of them for a good reason that i care about them and their futures” She said.

Joe Puma

Good Morning Illinois Meteorologist

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