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Young girl battling chronic illness joins ISU Redbirds Softball roster through Team IMPACT day

The Illinois State University Redbirds softball roster became one stronger today with a new recruit who is motivating them all.

Many child athletes dream of becoming a Division One recruit. For 8-year-old Coen Frambes that dream became a reality on Monday.

“I’m really excited , I’m glad to be a Redbird, Go Redbirds!” Coen Frambes exclaimed.

At the age of 3 Coen was diagnosed with a rare auto immune disease called Juvenile Dermatomoysitis which impacts her immune system, muscles, and skin.

“It’s emotional when you see how much this means to her an I think the biggest thing about this whole program is that it means just as much to the ISU athletes as it does for Coen and our family.” said Kelly and Dave Frambes, Coen’s parents. “We have always been encouraged by the doctors to just treat her like a normal kid and I think just opportunities like this allow her to do that.”

This was all done through the work of a non for profit called Team Impact. They work with children battling serious or chronic illness to improve quality of life through the power of being part of a team.

“She puts things into perspective for us that even though sometimes things get stressful for her and she never stops smiling and if she can stay positive through that then we certainly can as well.” said sophomore player and Team Impact council member Morgan Day.

“There’s a lot of little girls who follow our team and that really support us but to be impacted and really have her so close to us and to be able to interact, it’s an awesome experience and we’ve learned a lot of great things about ourselves, just by meeting her.” said freshman player and Team Impact council member Ellie Weltha

Head coach Melinda Fischer said Coen makes everything they do much more than a ball game.

“Our motto for the year is win the day and win the day is you win the day in so many parts of life, it’s not just wining a ball game and Coen has really brought that into our lives.” said Fischer.

The coach and team members agree that Coen will not only be the most valuable player on the field, but in their hearts.

Kaitlin Pearson

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