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One Class At A Time: Willow Primary School Science Club

Carrie Smith teaches third grade at Willow Primary School in Pekin. More than that– she also founded the school’s science club– and she funds it herself. That’s why she is this week’s one class at a time grant winner.

The principal, Victoria Armburst, has seen Smith’s dedication to the club– says she’s proud of what she’s accomplished.

It was her idea to form the science club and so we didn’t necessarily have anything in the budget for that. And so she’s like don’t worry about it. I’ll take care of this” Armburst said.

Science club is an after school program where students can develop a passion for science, and do hands-on experiments.

Mrs. Smith says the club offers a fun chance to learn without the stress of homework or exams.

It’s a chance for us to have some time after school to explore science and all the different fields of sciences and just to do some experiments and fun learning.” Smith said.

It’s not just her science club that makes the students love her. It’s her personality too.

She’s always there for everyone, and if someone gets hurt at school she usually helps them out and solves the problem.” Her student Pheonix Hayes said.

Smith says she plans to use the one thousand dollar grant to purchase rocket kits and host a science fair for the students.

Joe Puma

Good Morning Illinois Meteorologist

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