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Donnie Tillman

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Go-to activity outside of work: Softball

Favorite song: Adore by Prince

Favorite TV Show:  In Living Color

Favorite book: The Bible

Favorite childhood toy:  Gameboy

Favorite food: Pizza

What’s an inspirational quote that keeps you going? “Now you know, and knowing is half the battle.”

Your ‘hello’ message to the Heart of Illinois:  I’m happy to be back where it all began.  10 years after leaving my first job in the business, I’m back at Heart of Illinois ABC anchoring the morning news.  I moved to Peoria in August of 2003 and have resided here since.  My television career has taken me across the river and down to the Capital.  Although I was not born here, Central Illinos continues to treat me as if one of their own.  I graduated from Romeoville High School and attended Southern Illinois University – Carbondale.  From there I got my first job at WHOI, working from 2003-2009.  Then transitioned from weekend sports to morning news at WMBD from 2009-2014, before accepting the title as Sports Director in Springfield from 2014-2019.  Nothing compares to being around family and in this great community, I look forward to raising a family of my own and meeting the many people throughout.  My wife Brandi and I welcomed our daughter Tayen in September of 2018, we look forward to raising her right here in the Heart of Illinois.

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