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Junior Achievement takes on the Stock Market Challenge

Students in Bloomington-Normal are taking on the latest challenge from junior achievement.
Junior Achievement takes on Wall Street.

Students in the twin cities are getting a real on the floor experience.

“We’re getting to learn a lot more about these investments and this is a good challenge.”  says Will Brent, a student at Normal Community High School.

Pulling their resources together for this stock market challenge student event.

Amanda Van Allen, a teacher at Bloomington High School says it’s a big experience.  “They get to see how each team member has a unique gift to bring to the team. Some people are real analytical, some people are big picture, they can kind of see where the economy is going.”

These transactions may be exercise; this is experience, something you can’t put a price tag on.

Bloomington High School student Benda Nurceski says, “You have to pay attention, you have to get it whenever it’s really low, you have to get it right away, like right after you see it.”

“I really like the experience so far from the teaching aspect of it to the whole competition aspect of it.” says Satga Garapati another student at Normal Community High School

“It’s a great opportunity because it provides hands on real life of experience. They have to apply what they’ve learned and they got to see what happens immediately. So, they get immediate feedback and they get to really feel the effects of what happens in the market.”

Once the trading comes to a halt, students assess their performance. It’s this hands on event, producing the future investors on the stock exchange.




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Donnie Tillman

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