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Heavenly Farm Report Follow Up: Hooked on Fishing under water

We all know by now that flood damage is costing home and business owners,but one aspect we don’t think about is the impact on local wildlife. Dan Gannaway with Hooked on Fishing Park said,believe it or not, fish have a hard time adjusting to flooded waters.

Gannaway said flooding puts Hooked on Fishing Park under water every year.In 2014, flooding breached their levees and made most of the fish in the park run into the river. Non-native fish from their pond end up dumping into the Illinois River.

“Usually when the river is on the rise, fish are reaching out, sprawling out, and trying to find more places to go. You will find fish in some areas that you have never found them before. As the river starts to fall, those fish quickly evacuate those areas and find the deepest water they can find,” said Dan Gannaway, Hooked on Fishing Executive Direction.

Once waters recede, Hooked on Fishing will have to restock their pond with fish, meaning your fishing plans may be on hold for a while.

The Illinois River will start to go down over the next several days. Businesses will begin the long cleanup process and wildlife will also have to re-adjust back to their normal habitats.

Heaven Richey

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