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Vigil held for four-year-old boy killed in shooting

Tuesday Night Jeremiah Ward’s mother was joined by family, friends, and strangers at a vigil to honor the four year old boys life. It took place in the same spot ward was gunned down on Monday.

The mother cried desperately surrounded by candles, stuffed animals, and cards all dedicated to Jeremiah Ward. One neighbor who was there when shots rang out said the emotions are unbearable.

“It was just very hard and devastating because we watched him take his last breathes.” said neighbor Briunca Pittman

Young and old gathered in prayer. Crying in disbelief that a life so young ended because of violence.

“It could have been my grandchild, it could have been your child, anybody’s child and now we’re going through this where we have to watch literally our kids being gunned down in the streets … over what?” said Robin Wesley a vigil attendee

Holding hands, the crowd called on one another to do their part to make a difference in their communities.

“We want this violence to stop we want peace, we want to be able to have our kids outside to play in peace without getting shot.” said vigil attendee Darlene Taylor

The murder of the four year old boy, prompting even children to call for change.

It makes me feel like i should be watching my surroundings and stuff, it’s sad, that mother will not be able to see her child again. said a young Dyamond Fields who attended the vigil.

“When the Lord says it’s our time we listen. But we’re kids. We need time to grow up.” said Fields

A go fund me page for the family can be found here.

Kaitlin Pearson

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