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One Class At A Time: Jodi Slagel, Beverly Manor Jr High Band

For many school’s when the money gets tight…
Music programs are the first ones on the chopping block.
But the band director at Beverly Manor Junior High is picking up the slack, by finding creative ways for instruments in the hands of her students.

Jodi Slagel has a passion for introducing students to music. She is this week’s One Class at a Time grant winner. Her enthusiasm is infectious, and her student Audrey Taylor enjoys her class.

“She is very happy all the time and it makes us feel happy while we’re playing our instruments. It’s very helpful not to just be sitting there sad listening to her talk” Taylor said.

The Beverly Manor band program has thrived under Slagel’s leadership– the full band room is proof of that.

“i just get so much energy from these kids, i get so much joy out of seeing them learn and seeing them improve.” Slagel said.

However– many of her students struggle to purchase their own instruments. Many students borrow instruments from the school. But that supply only goes so far– because there’s a limited number of instruments Slagel plans to use this one thousand dollar grant to purchase new instruments for her students.

“This money is going to help us purchase some instruments for kids who can’t afford it and its going to help more kids get in band who want to be in band. So they can discover their talent and just be a part of something that is shared among everyone, and be a part of a team.”

Joe Puma

Good Morning Illinois Meteorologist

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