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Sen. Koehler discusses state of marijuana legislation

PEORIA, IL (HOI) – State lawmakers have two weeks left before session wraps up. One of the biggest bills they hope to pass – legalizing recreational marijuana.

Senators held a three hour committee hearing about the topic Thursday. There is still debate about how home growing and changing individual records would work. Governor Pritzker is calling for previous marijuana convictions to be expunged.

Senator Dave Koehler (D-Peoria) says Illinois should regulate and tax cannabis.

“It already exists out there,” said Koehler. “There’s probably not a single high school student in the state of Illinois that can’t go out and score a bag of marijuana in half an hour or so. So let’s try to control it and let’s try to not make this an illegal activity.”

Senators plan to bring an updated marijuana proposal to the Executive Committee next week.

Mike Miletich

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