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One Class At A Time – Heyworth Elementary’s Anna Hanarahan embraces STEM

In recent years, stem– or science technology engineering and math– has taken center stage, And one Heyworth teacher is getting kids excited about stem in fun new ways. Anna Hanrahan is transforming the way her students learn. She created a program that allows students time to do fun hands-on stem activities in the classroom.

“And we do a whole variety of activities with them. ranging from robotics to coding to circuitry.”

Hanrahan has been teaching at heyworth for over 17 years and says she loves getting her students excited to learn. She hopes her students see stem as a pathway to success.

“It’s so important. I mean I have my 1st graders in here now coding and so now thats just going to be normal for them. As they get older, it’s not going to be anything taboo or as scary or intimidating subject. It’s just going to be something they’ve done since they were six. ”

While Hanrahan wants these activities to make the lesson stick– she hopes these lessons go beyond the classroom.

“I want them to remember that its okay to take chances its okay to make mistakes. I don’t like the mentality of they feel they have to be perfect at everything.”

Joe Puma

Good Morning Illinois Meteorologist

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