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Heidelberg Justice Center taking cases while office is built

While the physical location at 819 SW Adams in Peoria is still getting worked on, owners say the Cleve Heidelberg Justice Center is open for business and accepting cases.

Co-Owner Andy Hale, a Chicago attorney, was Heidelberg’s lawyer during his re-trial case in Peoria.

Hale says the biggest drive for the Center was Cleve himself, wanting to ensure other people like him got the help they needed.

“The justice center here in Peoria, in Cleve’s name, where we can do the kind of work that Cleve wanted to do. And if Cleve is looking down right now, I know he’d be just thrilled.”

The Center will specialize in helping incarcerated people who believe they’ve been wrongly imprisoned plead their case.

They will also provide pro-bono work for those without access to normal legal services.

Hale says the best way to reach out to their office is to call: (844) 946-9461.

Mason Dowling

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