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Storms lead to pothole problems, sinkhole concerns

Sever storms over the past few weeks may be taking their toll on roads across central Illinois.

Heavy rains have caused plenty of potholes to pop up, according to Peoria Public Works, and may well have played a part in several sinkholes.

That includes one reported this month at Adams and Caroline in Peoria, and possibly in a sinkhole that cut off access to a neighborhood in Knox County.

Public Works says, often times, sinkholes can start off appearing to just be potholes.

They urge drivers and pedestrians to use caution.

“With this rain, we could be in one spot today, fill a hole, and you go by that same spot tomorrow and there’s a hole that’s developed somewhere next to it that you didn’t even see coming yesterday,” elaborated Sie Maroon from Public Works.

Maroon says the best way they can fix potholes is for the public to call and let them know where the problem areas are.

If you have a pothole problem-area, call (309) 494-8850.

Mason Dowling

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