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Flood Warnings Continue Along the Illinois River

Good news! Water levels along the Illinois River will finally start to make some noticeable improvements over the next 7-10 as dry weather will be likely for most of our 7 day forecast.

The Illinois River near Havana is still actually in the major flood stage right now, and areas like Peoria and Henry are in the moderate flood stage. Over the next week, river levels are expected to drop almost in a straight line.

Locations like Peoria and Henry will drop into or just above the minor flood stage by the end of the week. Havana will drop slower, but it still could fall into the moderate flood stage from the major flood stage by that time as well.

Flood Warnings remain in effect along the Illinois River until further notice, but if this trend continues we may get below flood stage in some spots by the middle of the month.

Brian Walder

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