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Terminally ill woman raises money for cancer awareness

A terminally ill woman hosted a fundraiser for cancer awareness and her own funeral expenses.

After being diagnosed last December with stage three cervical cancer, Chalise Scholl has dealt with aggressive chemo and radiation.

Since then, it’s spread to her liver, the caner becoming terminal.

She spend her savings last year on a funeral for her mother, who passed of the same disease that will soon claim her life.

Scholl said she is raising money, and is grateful to be surrounded by those that love her.

“Just to be here around family, friends, everybody that’s been reaching out to me, supporting me. I wanted to meet people I haven’t met that have reached out to me because I don’t know whats going to happen.” said Scholl

If you would like to donate to her go fund me click here.



Kaitlin Pearson

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