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TROUBLESHOOTERS: How one local woman lost about $4,000 on eBay

One Heart of Illinois woman thought the answer to her prayers, was simply a few clicks away.

What she didn’t anticipate is that shopping online could be a dangerous place.

Donnie Tillman bring us her shocking surprise in this week’s Troubleshooters.

Meet Deanna King, a woman dealing with post traumatic stress syndrome and bipolar disorder.

One her biggest fears, being evicted from her current home.

Till one day she came across an eBay listing.

“So, when this RV came available, I took out a loan to get it.”  says King.

$4,000 to be exact! Not knowing, her biggest dream would actually become her worst nightmare.

“I was supposed to get the RV, went to check on it, and the phone number had been disconnected.”

The number from the ad now just a dial tone.

“It looked so real, I mean my e-mails are real and they’re saved. I mean it looked like the real thing.”

In reality one critical error was her downfall.

King put the loan money onto eBay cards, which functioned like gift cards.

“Scratch off the back and read the cards to them, and they drained the cards so you can’t get the money back.”

Out of luck and out of cash thanks to scammers.

“So, they took the money off the cards, they took money off the cards, with the numbers, with the numbers and now i don’t have any money.”

Her monthly expenses, now substantially increased.

“Here I am, owing this money back to one main financial, I don’t have a RV and now I have a fear of being homeless again. ”

King wants people to be aware of the dangers of online purchases.

She believes shoppers should be better protected from scammers.



Donnie Tillman

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