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“We can’t fix what we won’t acknowledge.” – East Bluff community calls for action

The killing of 16 year-old Zarious Fair by a fellow teen has caught the community’s attention.

“We’ve gone from babies having babies to babies killing babies. It’s sad. It almost leaves us at a loss for words but we’ve got to do something because we’re reaching crisis stage.”  said President of ‘It Takes A Village’ and psychotherapist Bernice Gordon – Young

Long time East Bluff resident Jessie McGown said it is because we are not addressing the problem at its root, the raising of our children.

“There’s less than half a dozen people in this community that are actually out here on the streets. I call it boots on the ground. That’s where we’ve got to be. We’ve got to get out here where the kids are , where the problems are taking place. said McGown, a known community activist.

One East Bluff neighbor was moved to take action after Fair’s killing. Organizing the candle light vigil to honor the young life lost.

“Because I have a 16 year old son. That could have been my boy. I have daughters, that could have been them. It’s just too close to home. It’s blocks away so that’s why I’m compelled to do something.” said Allison Salinas

The community also reflecting on the loss of 4 year-old Jeremiah Ward, killed a month ago. Little cooperation with police has lead to no arrests, McGown said this has to stop.

“You don’t snitch, you could be laying there dying and know who shot you bit yo’re not supposed to snitch. It’s a code we need to break and we’re not going to do any of this until We get to the base, the base of it is in the home.” said McGown

But Bernice Gordon – Young said there are people ready to help, you just have to be prepared to follow through.

“There are resources out here and to really take advantage of those if we can really look at how we can better ourselves as parents and connecting with other parents for some mentoring, it does take a village.” said Gordon – Young


Kaitlin Pearson

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