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Stark County School Board to votes to fire two employees

Monday night, the Stark County School Board voted unanimously to terminate two of its employees.

The board’s agenda for June 17 says the board would have a closed door session discuss the termination of Al Curry and Cathy Webster.

Heart of Illinois ABC reached out to the Stark County Superintendent and school board president, to ask if these terminations are related to an incident three weeks ago where a bus driver and aide were suspended for putting a 5-gallon bucket on the head of a student with autism. They both declined to comment before and after Monday night’s meeting.

In May, the child’s mother said the pail was placed over her son’s head to stop him from screaming, and that this was a common form of “discipline” on the bus.

Public comment indicated the two employees being fired were in fact, the school bus driver and aide.

One man who spoke said he didn’t think the situation was handled well, sticking up for Curry and Webster.

“The bucket situation was used two or three times; it did solve the problem to a certain extent, at least in the screaming aspect of it,” the man went on to say, “I just think two good employees are being fired unjustly.”


Another man spoke up for the goodness of Stark County, in short, saying he hopes the school community can move forward from this and continue to grow.

At the time of the incident, Stark County District 100 said in a statement after the initial incident that the two employees would be fired.

“While the child was not seriously injured, the actions of these employees are clearly contrary to policies and standards of Stark County Schools,” the district said.


Sheridan Swathwood

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