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Mom turns in son to police to send a message

A Peoria mother turned her own son in to police after he was apart of an alleged domestic dispute. The charges ended up being dropped, but the mom said this was about accountability.

Larnitra Butler said Peoria Police reached out to her asking about her 20 year-old son’s alleged involvement. While shocked because she said he was never one to get in trouble, she did what she thought was right.

She captured the moment on her cell phone. Butler said she thought police only wanted to talk to her son when she turned him in, that’s why she started rolling when he was instead arrested, still she stands by what she did.

“I just got real scared so I tried to be as calm as possible so he wouldn’t be nervous so I’m like Taveon, please be still, I would not call them if I thought that they would put you in harms way.” said Butler

She said she did  what was necessary to get to the truth, but that did not make it any less heart breaking.

“He’s in the back of a police car, with handcuffs on, and I can tell in his eyes that he was scared. That’s a sight I didn’t want to see.” said Butler

The charges were dropped and he was released the next day, but not before police got a mugshot she then shared on social media to encourage other parents to do what’s right.

“Make your kids accountable for whatever action it is. Good or bad. Just be there to support them all the way through and everything will be OK.” said Butler

As for her son, she hopes this experience has taught him a lesson that will last a life time.

“We will not be here again like this is not you. You didn’t like being behind bars, he was like ‘it was cold in there’ and I’m just like ya this is not your life.”  said Butler

Butler said it breaks her heart when people have information on alleged crimes and don’t come forward. Pointing to the unsolved case of the 4 year-old shot and killed in Peoria.

She said she hopes the public can look within themselves as we enter the summer months to hold everyone in our communities accountable.

Kaitlin Pearson

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