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Settlement reached between former Limestone Community High School student and District 310

BARTONVILLE, IL (HOI) – A settlement has been reached between a former Limestone Community High School Student and the teacher who allegedly touched her inappropriately, according to federal court records. District 310 Superintendent Allen Gresham and Limestone Principal Jerolee Look were also included in the initial lawsuit.

Details of the settlement have not been released, but the agreement could be dismissed on or before July 22.

On June 4, William Wood was found not guilty of assaulting Alexandra Menefee in January 2017. Menefee, now 19, says Wood touched her inappropriately. Menefee said she was standing between a table and whiteboard when Wood, a social science teacher, tried to squeeze past her. She claimed she pushed the table forward to avoid touching him, but felt uncomfortable.

Menefee claimed Wood then stood behind her and she felt a “firm grasp on her backside,” which she believed was intentional. She said she told her choir teacher and the school principal on the same day of the incident, but a report wasn’t filed until later.

Menefee’s family hired an attorney to sue in February 2018. She later requested an order of protection from the Peoria County Sheriff’s Office in August of 2018 when Wood allegedly began asking a fellow classmate about her whereabouts and talking about the alleged incident, which led to investigation by the state’s attorney’s office.


Mike Miletich

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