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TROUBLESHOOTERS: Ameren reminds customers to avoid Summer Scams

Ameren Illinois is reminding customers to be on the lookout for red flags.

Unsolicited requests can come in a number of ways, leaving your wallet feeling lighter.

Summer is here and unfortunately so are scammers.

Fake utility representatives are everywhere looking to cash in by taking money out of your pockets.

“The first red flag, is the urgency in it, that’s the thing that makes people more vulnerable, oh it’s going to happen right now, I have to take care of this right now. They say, there might have been a glitch in the computer so it didn’t take the payment.” says Maria Gomez of Ameren Corporate Security.

Ameren says don’t rush to make a decision when impersonators instantly request money.

“They will usually request of the person to go to their nearest Wal-Mart, CVS. Ameren will not call you on the phone, you have to do this right away. Now go get a card.”

These demands can come via e-mail, over the phone, in the mailbox, all trying to get you to dig into your pockets.

“What’s common is they’ll call the victim by phone or whoever the target is by phone. You also have to watch out people coming to your front door, pretending to be a utility. I’ve seen it happen on e-mails too.”

Gomez says scammers do their homework, it’s important for you to be prepared the next time someone tries to rip you off.

Small businesses are also big targets for scammers.

If you ever have any doubt, call the customer service number at Ameren Illinois.

They’ll tell you who’s legit and who’s not.


Donnie Tillman

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