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What routes to try to avoid this ‘construction season’

It is finally summer time or as many people know it construction season and now that it is warm outside drivers have to navigate through multiple work zones.

On Monday workers began painting overpasses on I-74 East in East Peoria a project expected to last almost a month. Drivers can avoid the hassle by taking 474 around the work.

A little further down on 74 toward the Twin-Cities, there are about ten miles that are down to one lane in each direction. This strip of the interstate has been like this since April and we are nowhere near the end as workers are expected to be here for another five months.

Unfortunately, this one is kind of unavoidable unless you want to fend for yourself on country roads.

Though 74 is not the only road being worked on in Morton part of highway 150 is down from two lanes to one. This will be like this for four weeks so crews can reroute a portion of the River Trail bike path.

This construction is only during the day but if you are headed that way try driving through some of the local neighborhoods to avoid it.

If all goes according to the state’s plan this is just the beginning as the Illinois General Assembly just passed a capital bill to fund $28.6 billion in transportation infrastructure projects.

For more information on construction projects around the state visit


Stephanie Rodriguez

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