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“Our department will never be the same.” – Hundreds honor Deputy Troy Chisum at daughter’s softball game

Deputy Troy Chisum was honored Friday night in Canton at a softball game where one of his daughters took the field surrounded by family, friends, and complete strangers, all to honor her father.

“Troy was a great family man, three daughters that are now going to grow up without a father. I mean that’s unfair to all of them.” said Fulton County Sheriff Jeff Standard

The loss of Deputy Troy Chisum felt across the softball diamond as hundreds of law enforcement members from all over the state took the field with is family.

“It’s terribly anytime we lose an officer, terrible especially this close, it’s a hour and a half 2 hours from Quincy and you think it doesn’t happen around here but it does.” said Shannon Pilkington, Deputy Chief of Administration Services for the Quincy Police department

Fulton County Sheriff Jeff Standard said his department is raw, and will never be the same, but they will remain strong for the Chisum’s.

“Tonight’s not about us , tonight is about a little girl who lost her father tragically, I don’t know how they’re going to survive.” said Standard

When the other team heard about who they were playing they came together to have shirts made to honor the fallen hero, one of their coaches felt the girls knew it was about much more than a softball game.

“Softball or any sport for that matter is not just a game, there are people involved and families involved and when you hear of a tragedy such as this it teaches the girls, it’s a life lesson that sports is a unifying thing and we are going to unify together for the Chisum family tonight.” said assistant coach Aaron Smith

The sight of Chisum’s daughter, wearing blue socks, hitting too close to home for many, including Quincy Police Deputy Chief of Administration Services Shannon Pilkington whose own daughter will play in this same tournament tomorrow, full of emotion, like the many who protect and serve.

Information on visitation and funeral arrangements can be found here.


Kaitlin Pearson

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