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Ray LaHood says Gas Tax will help fix Peoria roads

Monday’s higher prices at the pump still left plenty of us with sticker shock.Although the increased gas tax might hurt your pocketbook, supporters say it will be worth it in the long run.

IDOT says the gas tax will fund several projects around Peoria including.

US 24 will go from two lanes to four lanes from Banner to Kingston mines.
Finally, expect 14 miles of repairs along i-474 from the Illinois river to I-74.
Then, resurfacing is set for galena road from near forest park nature center to the McCluggage Bridge.
Former transportation Secretary Ray LaHood has been a long time proponent of upping the gas tax in Illinois.

He says this hike in prices will only benefit drivers.

“When you look at neighboring states around Illinois, they are able to attract businesses because they have good infrastructure, they’ve raised their gas tax. 30 states now have raised their own gas tax not waiting for the federal government,” said LaHood.

LaHood also says the new tax will create jobs to get the work done. No official timeline has been set.

CLICK HERE for a detailed list of improvements planned for Peoria roads.

Mike Miletich

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