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Peoria Police seek help from residents’ cameras

If you have surveillance systems at your home or business, you could register them with the Peoria Police Department to help fight crime in the city.

It’s part of the department’s news camera registry program.

City officials say signing up simply gives them a database of contacts should a crime happen in the area.

For example, if Peoria Police are investigating suspicious activity on your street, they can check the database to see who has cameras nearby and then email you to see if your surveillance system caught anything.

“This is not something where the Police Department is going to have access to a person’s video system,” Chief Loren Marion said Wednesday, “All this is is something that simply gives us the information that the individual has a camera at that location. We’ll be able to check with that person to see if they have any video evidence of that crime.”

Residents and business owners who want to register can do so on the City of Peoria website.

Sheridan Swathwood

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