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Vigil demands justice for detained migrants at border

BLOOMINGTON — A large group of people met outside of the Bloomington Center for Performing Arts Tuesday night, calling for justice for migrants at the US- Mexico border.

The Stand Up for Social Justice group wants to close detention camps for immigrant children and their families.

They’re asking for humane conditions and hope the government will reinstate the original three-day limit for child detention.

Some kids being detained at the border have been held for over 90 days.

Organizers say the camps are unsafe and only serve as a way to coerce people into forfeiting their rights.

“You don’t need to put children in cages, so that you make sure they show up to their detention hearing,” vigil organizer Julie Prandi says, “The hearings are not happening on a timely basis so the children end up on and on and on at these facilities.”

The group also says that crossing the border illegally should be treated as a civil offense instead of a criminal one.

Sheridan Swathwood

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