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Heat proves harmful to your ride and the roads

With the sun high in the sky, beating down on the asphalt with that shimmery effect, the roads (and your cars) aren’t handling the heat very well either.

“The pavement moves,” explained Sie Maroon of Peoria Public Works. “It almost breathes, itself. It will move, it will shift, in high or low temperatures.”

Maroon has already had crews respond to one report of pavement popping due to the heat this month, and says they’re prepping for more.

“Keep an eye out for potholes, but also for uneven pavement,” says Maroon.

Your best bet: Keep your eyes on the road, especially the seam between lanes or slabs.

“If the road is uneven, pushed up, that could be an indicator something’s going on there. It’s still a solid surface, it’s just been compromised.”

And it’s not just the roads under your tires – but your tires themselves, and your car in general that can have issues with the heat.

Terry Beachler of Beachler’s Vehicle Care & Repair says its best not to let your car idle and cool off.

“Cooling takes place in front of the radiator. So if you’ve got warm air going through, in an already-overheated conditions, it’ll cause problems,” he explained.

He recommended keeping an eye on your engine’s temperature gauge, and to kill the A/C first if the temperature creeps up while driving.

If that doesn’t help, he says its best to pull over and turn the car off until it cools.

If you see roads that seem in danger of buckling or popping due to the heat, or see a rash of new potholes, you’re urged to call your local Public Works department immediately.

Here are a few local contact numbers:

Peoria: (309) 494-8800

Bloomington: (309) 434-2225

Normal: (309) 454-9571

Washington: (309) 745-3503

Pekin: (309) 477-2325

East Peoria: (309) 698-4716

Mason Dowling

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