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Neighborhood canvas investigating Peoria’s 13th homicide starts a conversation between police and community

A week after Peoria’s 13th homicide police, Greater Peoria Crime Stoppers, and Peoria Community Against Violence went door to door Wednesday Morning asking neighbors for information.

On July 4th, just after 2 A.M. Peoria Police found two shooting victims inside a home on the 2200 block of West Wiswall after a shot-spotter alert came in.

30 year-old Robert Purdle died from his injuries.

Crime Stoppers Coordinator Sherrell Stinson said often, right after an event, people are hesitant to talk to police, but their softer approach with these canvases shows those who live in the communities that they care.

“Our goal is to be able to knock on doors, actually talk to people after the dust has settled to let them know we’re still out here and we’re trying to get answers but they have an anonymous way to actually speak if there is information that they have.” said Stinson

Stinson said during these door to door’s they hear from community members who have concerns about other crimes as well and it starts a much needed conversation.

“It’s a way to say that people from your neighborhood, from your city, from different walks of life that are saying we care and we want to let you know that we care and of you would like to join us or give information anonymously you are welcome to.” said Stinson

If you have any information and would like to remain anonymous you can call crime stoppers at 309-673-9000

Kaitlin Pearson

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