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A Long Lasting Flood Ends in Peoria

It’s something that we haven’t talked about much during our newscasts lately, but some areas along the Illinois River are still at or above flood stage. This is still the same flooding from the snowmelt and heavy rain earlier this spring.

Flood stage in Peoria is 18 feet, but earlier today we finally fell below that level.

Here’s a quick look at the last couple of months.

The only other times Peoria has been above flood stage this long was from 3/8/2009-6/6/2009 (90 days) and 3/6/1979-5/17/1979 (73 days).

Flood warnings still remain in effect for areas in Fulton and Mason Counties. Havana is still in the moderate flood stage but is expected to drop into the minor flood stage this weekend.

Brian Walder

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