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Coach trains students in boxing, life lessons for a better tomorrow

Coach Robert Bell is putting his thirty years of boxing training to work in Peoria.

He’s a man on a mission: to use boxing to help local kids do better in every aspect of their lives.

“It’s not just boxing, it’s the whole mind, body and spirit,” he said.

“Once you’re strong, confident, disciplined…life becomes easy. You’ll be living a better life!”

That’s why Bell started up Knock Out Kings Boxing off University.

It wasn’t just his love of the sport, but a desire to help kids stay out of trouble.

“It’s mainly to save these kids lives,” he explained. “A lot of bad things going on out there. And I don’t want to see that. I’ve been there, I understand it. I lost a son to the streets.”

Bell explained his eldest son was an up-and-coming boxer, even going pro, when he was arrested.

Coach Bell is determined to use his presence today for the kids of Peoria as a positive, consistent role model.

In turn, he wants the students to learn to support each other.

“Some don’t want to be boxers, some just want to train or learn,” said boxer Anthony Hollaway. “By coming to the gym and being taught the right way, they just attach to it.”

Coach Bell believes the lessons he’s sharing with these young boxers-to-be can spread, and make Peoria all the better for it.

“This society, this world, has been so messed up. It’s so much hate and crime, black and white.”

“In boxing, you don’t have any of that. When you box, everyone’s family.”

Bell says his door is open for new students (even those who just want a place to work out or talk) 24/7.

Anyone interested should call him directly at (313) 758-1348.

Mason Dowling

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